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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Been a while

It's been a while, hasn't it. Well, I have been busy with dog shows until September, then it seemed like it was Thanksgiving and before you know it Christmas. About 20 lbs of home-made candy and at least 30 dozen cookie later, it is finally all gone. My waistline is showing it a little - not as bad as other years but time to watch it. And it is nice putting all the baking and candy making equipment away.

Been focusing on editing Book 2. I have someone proofing the punctuation now. Hope to get it published this spring. That's been the plan! I have the coverwork 1/2 done. I will describe it and leave it to your imagination until it is complete. Oil on canvas.

The father figures are very rigid rule makers (black and white) - get it?
The main character is the troubled son who is also an artist.

Father figure is painted in black/white/shades of grey and facing silloette to the left.
Son is facing to the right and down (rejection) and is in multi-colors.

With the father figure, I used alla prima technique (definition: Alla prima (also known as direct painting or premier coup painting) comes from the Italian meaning 'first time'. It is a method of painting in which the artist applies each stroke of paint to the entire canvas with the intention of letting it stand in the picture as part of the final statement, rather than traditional building of the image with several layers of paint. - -- so, since he is very black and white in rules, I painted him the way I believe he would react. Very directly.

For the Son, the artist who in the story dreams of being a Realist, Oil on Canvas, I am using an old technique - Glazing - more complex like the character. First I painted the background and let it dry, then in a select area, I painted in opague white (this is when I did the father figure). After the white dried, I began selecting areas to glaze (paint in thin layers) additional colors.

I am hoping it works. I am very excited about having the book at this stage. When I finish the cover, I'll post it. (PS_ remember I painted the cover for Book 1 - it is in the Feb archives if you want to take another look.)

And stop by my website hopefully you'll get curious and buy my book!

thanks for reading.


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