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Friday, June 24, 2005

Update and Catching up

Well, it's certainly has been a while since I posted but to catch you up. I have had a few more sales which I am happy about. I am now at PBX in Neenah and The BookWorm in Appleton.

Sales died off for a bit but then I received an order and what do you know, it was my cousin who heard it from her dad who heard it from my dad (got all that?) and she (who I haven't seen in YEARS) was curious so purchased a copy. THANKS! I am waiting to hear what she thinks of it. Word of mouth sells most books - did you know that?

I received a CONGRATULATIONS note from the bank we do business with which was prompted by a 1/2 page news article in THE CHILTON TIME JOURNAL. That article also prompted a congratulatory note from our State Representative, Al Ott. I know he's a very busy man but to have his staff take the time to be watching the paper and he personally signing the note was great. He is well liked in our area and always at the 4th of July parade where we all congregate in Hilbert each year. I'll be sure to wave to him!!

Another upper is that someone ordered a copy from the BAKER AND TAYLOR CATALOG. That catalog services bookstores and libraries throughout the USA so I know it's in their listing now. Hopefully that will mean a few more sales. Don't know how long it stays in the catalog though.

The worst part of all of this is the marketing. I'd rather write the book - which I am working away on the 3rd of the series and needing to get the 2nd edited but - I am preparing a marketing kit to send out Book Reviewers. Had to get a MUG shot which reminded me of when I had my high school pictures taken - I'd rather not know when I'm getting a picture taken. I tend to freeze up. I did get a couple of good shots so that will go in the package. I have all the envelopes, etc. Now I just have to write up something to put in them!

Last note for now: Cross your fingers. I entered the Writers Digest competition for Self-published books. There are guaranteed book reviews and some cash if I win. It certainly would be a boost. Cross your toes too while you are at it. I need a lot of luck.

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