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My experiences leading to the publication of my novels - Choices Made: The Street Years and Choices Made: Fathers and Sons - for sale now at This is something I never even dreamt of and it's happening.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Some more Sales and am on Amazon

Well, I have made some more sales. Great!

As of last Thursday, my book is now on Amazon.Com;, - but you have to search by the full title: choices made: the street years

The info is just getting on those sites so if you need more info, let them know you're interested!

I sent a copy to Amazon so they can include it in the SEARCH INSIDE THE BOOK which will give readers a taste of the story. Which is something I've always liked doing. Once I saw they finally had some of the info on the site, I stayed up late signing up for the program and getting the book packaged for the next day's mail. I hope that piece is up soon.

I received feedback from 2 more readers who have finished the book:
1 - Congratulations. It certainly wasn't what I expected but I couldn't put it down.

2 - It isn't a book I normally read and getting thru the first chapters - where the story is
very 'dark' was a little tough but I couldn't put it down and really wanted to know
what was going to happen. I like the kids in the story and liked Nick but sometimes
wanted to give him a push!

These are the comments that make my day. When the readers can't put it down or have formed opinions about the characters, that means I am getting the story across. Whew! I always wonder.


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