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My experiences leading to the publication of my novels - Choices Made: The Street Years and Choices Made: Fathers and Sons - for sale now at This is something I never even dreamt of and it's happening.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Book 2 of Series is available for sale

Well, I did publish Book 2 - Choices Made: Fathers and Sons. It's for sale on and in other stores. Just need to do a google search and you'll find all the places. Of course it is on my site. and you can buy directly from me. Those that have read it said it is even better than book 1 but getting them to post reviews is a little difficult. But I am glad for their feedback. All that have communicated to me said they are anxiously waiting for Book 3 - Choices Made Missouri or Misery which I am currently working on. Sales on #2 have been slow so am hoping for a good review that catches the buyers eye. If you are into a good read, stop by my site, I'm offering a discounted price on the books.

Teaser: In book 3, my character, Jamy, tries to break the curse on his family and comes face to face with a woman who forced him into prostitution when he was a kid. Lots of conflict for him to deal with.

Stay tuned!