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My experiences leading to the publication of my novels - Choices Made: The Street Years and Choices Made: Fathers and Sons - for sale now at This is something I never even dreamt of and it's happening.

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Always enjoy trying new things and when I find a new interest, I tend to immerse myself in it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Some more Sales and am on Amazon

Well, I have made some more sales. Great!

As of last Thursday, my book is now on Amazon.Com;, - but you have to search by the full title: choices made: the street years

The info is just getting on those sites so if you need more info, let them know you're interested!

I sent a copy to Amazon so they can include it in the SEARCH INSIDE THE BOOK which will give readers a taste of the story. Which is something I've always liked doing. Once I saw they finally had some of the info on the site, I stayed up late signing up for the program and getting the book packaged for the next day's mail. I hope that piece is up soon.

I received feedback from 2 more readers who have finished the book:
1 - Congratulations. It certainly wasn't what I expected but I couldn't put it down.

2 - It isn't a book I normally read and getting thru the first chapters - where the story is
very 'dark' was a little tough but I couldn't put it down and really wanted to know
what was going to happen. I like the kids in the story and liked Nick but sometimes
wanted to give him a push!

These are the comments that make my day. When the readers can't put it down or have formed opinions about the characters, that means I am getting the story across. Whew! I always wonder.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Some reader comments

Harry W - asked When is your next book out. I want to know more about Jamy.

Sandy V said:
I did major reading this weekend. Everytime I got a few extra
minutes, or even if I didn't have them, I stole them!
I want more!!!

What a wonderful start to this day with comments like that. And, I sold 3 more copies today, too!

I have an interview for our local newspaper in the offing. We are timing the release with the upcoming release of my book going on Amazon, etc. I need to find out a more exact date but all
exciting things.

Another person who has begun reading commented that it is very different than what she normally reads but has been drawn in by the characters. I can't wait to hear her comments when she is finished.

A good day.